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Technically modified: the new SN 3 VH worm gear motor

The SN 3 VH three-phase worm gear motor is replacing the SN 3 BFH with immediate effect. Thanks to technical modifications, the new motor is more robust and can be put to more versatile use in a greater range of applications than its predecessor.

The data in detail: the new gear motor featuring a hollow shaft for direct connection can withstand torque loads of 11 to 17 Nm, boasts speeds of 19 to 560 rpm and generates motor power of between 0.12 and 0.25 kW.

Both the flange design and the additional foot design, which can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, promise a wider range of potential applications.

The gear motors are fully equipped as standard with ball bearings and permanent lubrication suitable for use with food products (pursuant to NSF H1). The SN 3 VH three-phase worm gear motor is offered for S1 operation.

Even the service is impressive: the worm gear motor can be delivered within 48 hours.

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