We are zertified by DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015

As a family-run traditional enterprise, our business philosophy forms the foundation of our corporate culture. As an objective and orientation aid, they regulate the cooperation within the company.

Customers and satisfaction
As an innovative enterprise, complete customer satisfaction is our objective. Customer desires define our tasks and are our motivation. The foundation for this is mutual respect for one another. Here, our core ethical principles form the basis for all of our decisions and actions.

Quality and requirement
The quality of our products meets the most demanding of customer requirements. Quality assurance as well as process optimisation are important prerequisites in order to maintain our profitability and competitiveness as well as to continually improve ourselves. Naturally ISO 9001 certified and "Made in Mülheim".

Honesty and acceptance
Our actions are honest, fair and faithful. We also expect this from our customers, staff members and suppliers. Long standing relationships can only be created and maintained through mutual trust and acceptance. Furthermore, we also respect our competitors and operate following the principles of fair competition.

Trust and the future
Our staff members work in an autonomous and independent manner. Thanks to liberal management, we create room for the development of your own ideas; something that benefits our customers and secures our future. We trust our staff members and we foster long-term and enduring working relationships with them.

Responsibility for people and the environment
Health and safety in the workplace are matters of utmost importance to us. We actively protect the environment by implementing the latest technologies. As a result, we ensure the health of our staff members, reduce energy consumption and protect the environment and resources.